Mitsubishi refuses diesel engines

Mitsubishi refuses diesel engines

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

By 2021, the supply of Mitsubishi cars with diesel engines will be significantly reduced.

Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi has decided to abandon the production of cars with diesel fuel. Such information became known to Nikkei. At the same time, by 2021, many of the main models of the brand will lose “diesel” modifications. According to the source, Mitsubishi plans to work only on improving the current diesel engines – there are no plans to develop new ones. In 2021, Mitsubishi will introduce two updated models – Pajero Sport and Outlander, which will have the same configuration with a diesel engine. This update is likely to be the last.

All other global Mitsubishi models lose diesel modifications. An exception can only be cars for the Japanese market, in particular Delica D: 5. The decision to abandon cars with “heavy” fuel was not a surprise – experts suggest a sharp decline in sales of such cars in the coming years.

The main reasons are environmental standards, which is very important for the car market in Europe, as well as constantly increasing competition from electric cars.

 Analysts Mitsubishi predicts that by 2023 the share of diesel car sales in total brand sales will fall below 20%. In addition to Mitsubishi, other Japanese manufacturers along a similar path. Nissan and Toyota previously announced a reduction in investment in the development of diesel engines, and Honda intends to completely stop producing diesel cars by the end of 2021.