Mitsubishi presents new car

Mitsubishi presents new car

August 4, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Mitsubishi has released the first official image of the brand-new crossover concept. The Japanese manufacturer called his XM and show in Indonesia International Motor Show, scheduledin the end of this month. The XM name is derived from two types of the body, which was created by a new crossover – SUV and MPV. The company has confirmed the launch of the serial model in the production which will begin in October 2017 at the brand new plant, located in the prefecture of Bekasi in West Java Province.

A new concept car got a front panel that corresponds to the latest design trend of the brand called ┬źDynamic Shield┬╗, but also gained their own parts of the exterior. The idea of this show car – to present the benefits of combining crossover minivan with features packed into a small body, because this time the Japanese automaker has focused on the functionality of an SUV practicality and interior MPV.

Thus, the vehicle has a generous clearance along with sports lines, to make it attractive to young customers. The most interesting parts of the exterior are the front and rear fenders, designed to “bring the owner a sense of stability and confidence.”

Mitsubishi told the interior will get three rows of seats and can accommodate seven passengers. Furthermore, it will transform to provide the desired configuration for the client. Mitsubishi XM Salon focused on contrasting black and white tones, while as silver accents have to bring a certain level of sophistication. For a more practical center console protrudes slightly upward, as in modern minivans.

The Japanese automaker did not disclose whether the crossover will be released on the global market, but this possibility is not excluded. However, the launch of the car in the Indonesian plant, which will start early next year, no doubt say that the serial model, inspired by the concept of XM, will primarily be sold in the Asia-Pacific market.