Mitsubishi mirrorless cars can appear in Japan in 2019

Mitsubishi mirrorless cars can appear in Japan in 2019

January 20, 2018 3 By autotimesnews


While the market where it is allowed to operate cars with cameras instead of side mirrors is only Japan.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi recently announced that it has developed the most advanced technology of external view cameras in the automotive industry. He plans to place such cameras instead of exterior side mirrors on their models in Japan by 2019.

The Japanese government as early as 2016 allowed the use on its territory of cars with cameras instead of side mirrors. The company Mitsubishi has already practiced with the installation of cameras on the concept CA-MiEV, introduced in 2013. Now next year it will come to serial models.

The Japanese manufacturer claims that its cameras can detect an object located about 100 meters behind. It is expected that the technology of the brand, based on artificial intelligence, will reduce the number of accidents on the roads, especially those that occur when changing a strip of cars.

Mitsubishi is not the only automaker that wanted to produce mirrorless road transport. German concern BMW in early 2016 introduced the concept i8 Mirrorless at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas. Two years ago, the Bavarians claimed that by 2019 they would try to use mirrorless technology on their cars.