Mitsubishi Lancer can turn into a crossover

Mitsubishi Lancer can turn into a crossover

April 23, 2018 2 By autotimesnews

According to the operating director of Mitsubishi Trevor Mann, at the moment the company is working on the successors of SUV ASX and Outlander, as well as pickup L200. New machines should appear by 2025. In addition, the top manager noted that in the portfolio of the brand there are two more models – Lancer and Pajero. And if the last SUV Mann while silent, then about Lancer appeared some information.

So, the representative of Mitsubishi informed the edition of Auto Express that regarding the next Lancer the company “has a solution that can match the segment”. Mann said that at the global level, the market for golf-class models is not declining – yes, in the US and Europe, sales of such cars are falling, but in China this market, on the contrary, is growing. Designer Mitsubishi Tsunehiro Kunimoto, in turn, informed the portal that the C-class model does not have to be a “traditional hatchback”. According to Kunimoto, the company can create a “new type of hatchback.”

Thus, in Auto Express came to the conclusion that Mitsubishi hinted at turning the next Lancer into a crossover. Design models of the new generation can perform based on the concept of e-Evolution, debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show last fall. Commercial SUV is likely to be built on the modular platform of the CMF alliance Renault-Nissan, which since 2016 includes Mitsubishi. By the way, on the same platform, most likely, will be based and the new ASX and Outlander. But the L200 pickup, on the other hand, can share the platform with the next Nissan Navara: the Mitsubishi model has a Super Select 2 transmission that combines a differential all-wheel drive and the ability to disengage the front axle.

The prototype Mitsubishi e-Evolution was equipped with an electrical installation, data about which the company did not provide. The new Lancer is supposed to become a hybrid. True, there is also no information on the “filling” of the next generation model.