Mitsubishi L200 did not cope with the “moose test”

Mitsubishi L200 did not cope with the “moose test”

October 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Pickup truck fails test at 70 kilometers per hour

The journalists of the Spanish edition km77 tested the maneuverability of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup. In the course of the “moose test” the car did not cope with a sharp changeover at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

The moose test is one of the most challenging vehicle tests. During the test, the driver checks the car’s handling. The car must drive along a given trajectory and make sharp maneuvers without knocking down the cones. Such a test is intended to demonstrate the behavior of a car in the event of an unexpected obstacle on the road.

During the first attempt, the Mitsubishi L200 driver made a maneuver at a speed of 79 kilometers per hour. This speed was too high for a pickup. The car did not fit into sharp turns, knocking down two cones. However, despite the understeer, the journalists noted the good handling of the L200.

The driver made the next attempts at speeds of 73 and 70 kilometers per hour. During maneuvers, the pickup truck was thrown around corners and its wheels were lifted off the ground, causing the car to knock over many cones. According to experts, this “bouncing” effect is common on tall models. Thus, the suspension can cope with the excessive load.

The L200 was able to bypass the cones only at a speed of 69 kilometers per hour. However, this time too, during abrupt rearrangements, the pickup began to “jump”, but its wheels did not come off the asphalt. According to the test results, although the Mitsubishi L200 failed the “moose test”, the journalists stressed that the driver feels safe while driving the pickup.

At the end of July, the Spanish edition conducted a “moose test” of the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf. The hatchback oversteer, wagged aft and knocked down cones when the speedometer needle showed over 69 kilometers per hour.