Mitsubishi introduced the concept of Super Height K-Wagon

Mitsubishi introduced the concept of Super Height K-Wagon

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company has mixed all the styles of cars in one small minivan with the design of an SUV. The concept with a square design will be the starting point in the new line of key cars for the Japanese market.

Kei cars are one of many things Japan can surprise. This car segment was created by the local government back in 1949. Their main feature is the restrictions on the volume of engines and the dimensions of the vehicle itself. Under the hood, an engine may not cost more than 660 cubic centimeters, and its length should not exceed four meters.

Mitsubishi decided to update its own line of such cars, and as part of the Tokyo Motor Show, introduced the concept of Super Height K-Wagon. This is almost a serial prototype of the future model. And despite the configuration in the form of a small minivan, the car is designed for a driver who wants to travel a lot.

 At first glance – this is another square small car. However, the model received a new Mitsubishi corporate design with an expressive front ynamic Shield. The side profile immediately resembles a minivan and an SUV, although small wheels spoil the whole impression.

As a power unit, a small 0.66-liter engine is used, paired with a CVT. Already in the basic configuration, an e-Assistant safety package will be installed, including a lane keeping system, automatic braking, a warning about a possible collision, cruise control and additional assistants.

While Mitsubishi has not revealed plans to launch sales of the serial Super Height K-Wagon. This is likely to happen next year.