Mitsubishi in Tokyo demonstrated a prototype MI-TECH

Mitsubishi in Tokyo demonstrated a prototype MI-TECH

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Tokyo Motor Show, a demonstration of the Mitsubishi MI-TECH conceptual model took place.

The novelty is not just a crossover with an open top, as previously assumed, but actually a full-fledged buggy. Mitsubishi MI-TECH has hypertrophied proportions and large alloy wheels with low-profile rubber.

The manufacturer pays attention to an interesting fact: the front and rear optics have the same shape, the headlights and lanterns are made in the form of the letter T. At the same time, the purpose of the installation, located behind the seats and resembling fans, remains a mystery.

 The prototype used a new generation hybrid powertrain, which is smaller in size than that installed on current hybrid models of the brand, in particular, Outlander PHEV. The concept car has four electric motors, which are installed one on each wheel.

  It should be emphasized that the hybrid unit will include not a traditional gasoline ICE, but a microturbine capable of using diesel, fuel, kerosene and alcohol, this should provide greater flexibility. At present, it is difficult to say whether in fact such technical specifications as a result will reach mass machines.