Mitsubishi Fuso will release hydrogen trucks

Mitsubishi Fuso will release hydrogen trucks

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company’s specialists are working on the revolutionary hydrogen model Mitsubishi e-Canter F-CELL.

Mitsubishi Fuso, a bus and truck manufacturer, is set to launch its debut hydrogen truck. The auto-novelty will reach the conveyor already at the end of this year. The concept Mitsubishi Fuso Vision F-CELL debuted last fall at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept boasted a carrying capacity of up to four tons, and its range was 300 kilometers. It is known that the new product will be called e-Canter F-CELL. This hydrogen model will become the second eco-friendly truck brand.

 In the meantime, the automaker offers the customers an electric Fuso eCanter. On European roads today you can meet over 150 of these trucks.

 Among the main advantages of fuel cell trucks in Mitsubishi Fuso called fast charging. The same Mitsubishi Fuso e-Canter F-CELL can be recharged in less than ten minutes. The hydrogen novelty will be able to drive much further than the Fuso eCanter truck. This “green” model has a power reserve of 100 km. In general, the developers are going to create a truck with zero emissions, which will be able to travel up to 500 kilometers. Such figures will make it possible to achieve hydrogen technology.