Mitsubishi explains why they have no sports models left.

Mitsubishi explains why they have no sports models left.

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A spokesman for the Japanese brand Mitsubishi said that their lineup has a clear philosophy that sports models do not fit into.

In an interview with CarThrottle, the managing director of the British representative office of Mitsubishi explained the current marketing strategy of the brand. This came as a surprise to us, as we did not previously know that Mitsubishi has a strategy at all.

 Journalists talked to Rob Lindley at the Geneva Motor Show – it turns out that Mitsubishi doesn’t even think of building a sports car.

“Companies as small as Mitsubishi have to scratch and break every tenth of the market share they can collect, so our strategy makes sense,” said Lindley.

“As a business that sells 1.2 million cars worldwide, in a global sense, it’s not a big business. If you try to be in all segments of the market at the same time and follow the latest trends, such as sports cars, it is difficult to be economically successful, ”he said, absolutely without irony. In other words, Mitsubishi states that it cannot follow trends.

Mitsubishi is the company that created the Eclipse sports coupe, which is the only sports car that grew worse with each successive generation before it disappeared from the conveyors. By the way, under this name, the Japanese company is going to sell its new crossover.