Miraculous salvation from fire: father rescues son

Miraculous salvation from fire: father rescues son

June 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Autosport is dangerous, and accidents in racing are a matter of habit. Sometimes very dangerous. The way the pilot of one of the American series escaped, otherwise you can not name a Christmas fairy tale.

Michael Jones performs in the NASCAR Whelen series of stock cars (this is the youngest series from which pilots can get into the “big” NASCAR). Speaking in the race for Father’s Day, he, like any racer, hoped to win. But instead I got into an accident.

His car flared, and the flame caught the front of the car and threatened to spill over into the salon. The attempt to evacuate was unsuccessful, apparently, the door jammed.

Usually, emergency services on the racetracks work instantly, but Michael’s father reacted even more quickly, rushing to the blazing car and managed to open the door with his bare hands, getting his son out of captivity. Moreover, he also climbed into the salon, trying to turn on the fire-extinguishing system, but the heat was already unbearable. It seems that it is unlikely that Michael will get off with a simple postcard the next day.

And then the emergency services arrived …