Mira GT Concept (1,400 hp) looks real, but no!

Mira GT Concept (1,400 hp) looks real, but no!

August 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This sounds strange, but there are a lot of electric hypercar projects today. For example Pininfarina has an “ultra-luxurious” PF0, Alieno develops a 2.610-strong Arcanum, and Dendrobium introduced the D-1 with 1800 horsepower. Even more popular brands, such as Jaguar and Porsche (in collaboration with Rimac), announced their intention to join the electric supercar segment.

However, there is another electric supercar, of which little is said. Named Merkler Mira GT Concept, the car looks so real that we really thought about the existing prototype. Despite the fact that Merkler (the creator of the concept) classifies the Mira GT Concept as a supercar, the total capacity of four electric motors of 1,400 horsepower takes him to the league of hypercar.

In addition, at first glance you can understand that before us there is something unusual and really interesting. And the car now exists exclusively as a renderer. The work done looks so professional that some of the works from the factory famous design studios look faded. And it makes us think, and whether the author is an employee of one of the automaker.

Wide vent holes are functional, as there are three wind turbines inside. These turbines are designed to regenerate electricity. Thus, the faster you go, the faster the battery will be charged.

The author also provides that the airflow through the ventilation openings is partitioned in such a way that it can cool other parts of the vehicle. For example, the engines located on each wheel, the radiator of the air conditioner, the battery and the brakes. The air flow, according to the plan, will go through the rear ventilation holes. Triangular exhaust, on the other hand, is not intended for emissions, but for dissipating heat.

Like many modern concepts – the Mira GT Concept uses cameras instead of rear-view mirrors.