Minivan Mercedes V-Class gets a luxurious interior from a famous studio

Minivan Mercedes V-Class gets a luxurious interior from a famous studio

May 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning studio Schawe Car Design showed its version of the luxurious German Mercedes V-Class. Outwardly, the car does not particularly differ from the usual performance of a minivan. All major changes are in the cabin.

For many years, businessmen and senior officials have chosen executive cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or its more luxurious counterparts from Mercedes-Maybach, as their vehicles. These cars are chosen for various reasons, but mainly because of their comfort and luxury.

 This time, the tuners from the Schawe Car Design studio decided to present a more luxurious version of the German car.

Based on the already luxurious version of the V-class minivan, Schawe tuners turned the car’s interior into a presidential suite.

The front panel and its various panels are covered with high-quality Nappa leather in two shades. The heated seats are covered in perforated leather with a diamond-shaped stitching, trimmed in Alcantara and other leather.

The rear space offers separate seats for four people, which are directed face to face, which, in our opinion, would be ideal if you are going to a business meeting. Of course, as in all similar business cabinets on wheels, there is a delimiting “wall” between the driver and passengers, which ensures confidentiality of negotiations. Separately thought out interior lighting.

 The luxurious interior is complemented by electronically controlled tables and two crystal decanters. The Schawe press release specifically mentions single malt whiskeys.

 Outside, the Schawe V-Class is no different from a regular Mercedes minivan, with the exception of the AMG Styling exterior “package” and a set of 19-inch 7-spoke rims. Currently, prices for such a luxury minivan are not published – price lists will be available only on request.