Mini may opt out of two-door convertibles

Mini may opt out of two-door convertibles

August 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Not only sedans are losing out to crossovers and SUVs today. The future of convertibles is also at stake. So, according to foreign media reports, the Mini company is going to say goodbye to its “two-door” Mini Convertible.

According to Automotive News, which cites its own sources, Mini plans to phase out its two-door convertible immediately after production of the current generation model ceases in February 2024.

The automaker itself declined to comment, noting that the convertible remains a pretty attractive model in the lineup, as before. The experts give their reasons. One of them is the low sales of the Mini convertible in the US. He, for example, loses to the same hatchback. At the same time, Mini Convertible remains a niche player: so there will be buyers for this model, but record sales are definitely out of the question.

The second reason, voiced by experts, is changing consumer needs. Many automakers, including Mini, are closely following them today. So, the Mini brand is going to expand its line of crossovers. Two SUVs are expected to be presented at once, one of which will receive a fully electric transmission.

So, if the rumors that have surfaced are correct (considering the declining millet for convertibles), then February 2024 will be the last for the Mini Convertible, which hit the US market back in 2005.

Meanwhile, the spies caught the updated Mini Cooper S convertible. This time the test prototype lost some of its disguise, revealing individual design elements. The new product can be presented before the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021.