Mini Designer talks about the current style of the company’s models

Mini Designer talks about the current style of the company’s models

April 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of his interview, the chief designer of the British automaker Mini, talks about the current style of design models of the brand. This person created designs for the Maserati MC12, McLaren P1 and Modern Mini Cooper.

  The development of the first version of the modern Mini Cooper was not an easy task, especially considering that the Mini design has remained relatively unchanged for over 40 years. When BMW acquired the Mini brand in 1994, it launched a series of “design studies” to increase the appeal of the iconic Mini Cooper city car. The resulting completely new Mini, which debuted in 2000, was supposed to bring the classic Mini Cooper into the modern era, while retaining its recognition.

The process of creating an updated design took control of Mini Designer Frank Stevenson.

Stevenson’s impressive resume includes design development for the Italian Maserati MC12 and Ferrari F430, as well as the British McLaren 12C and P1, 570S, demonstrating his rich design experience to create and modernize iconic designs. The Mini Cooper design was revealed in the late 1990s and became the springboard for Stevenson’s career thanks to the overwhelming success of his iconic hatchback redesign.

 When designing a classic car, several influential factors always control the artist. Things like collision safety, manufacturing costs and the use of retro design elements. Stevenson’s new Mini Cooper design is a great example of respect for the past when creating something new.

 Important elements of the classic Mini Cooper have not been removed from the overall composition – round headlights, a low wide strut, and front wing trim. But these classic elements are combined with more stylized body panels, an improved three-level design.