MINI cars may appear at dealers of other brands

MINI cars may appear at dealers of other brands

November 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, MINI brand sales are not very successful. Although the demand for British cars has never been a priority for BMW, they still want to increase demand in the concern. Therefore, the implementation of compact cars may begin in dealerships of other concerns.

MINI’s US division has a new leader, Michael Peyton. He has extensive experience as a top manager at Ford and Harley-Davidson. Therefore, he has good experience in developing sales in the United States, and he is not afraid to apply new ideas. Recently, the demand for MINI cars has fallen slightly, except for the new Cooper SE electric car, which has already received over 78,000 pre-orders.

The new leader proposed an original solution – to allow any dealers to sell their cars. He noted that he doesn’t care about the dealership franchise, if this will increase MINI sales. Especially if it is the best dealer in the required region.

 But the problem is more complicated. In fact, not many dealers are interested in selling the MINI. Already eight official dealerships in the United States have closed since the beginning of the year. Moreover, about 50% of all local dealerships will close the year with losses.

Another challenge for fans of the company was the association of dealerships with BMW. A large number of potential customers do not want to go to BMW, they would like to come to MINI for their car.