Minardi: Ferrari need to roll up their sleeves and get even

Minardi: Ferrari need to roll up their sleeves and get even

April 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In China, Ferrari asked Charles Lecler to skip Sebastian Vettel, causing discontent among fans. Giancarlo Minardi, the former owner of his own team, talked about the logic of.

Giancarlo Minardi: “First of all, you need to understand the policy of Ferrari. Previously, they said that the leader of the team – Vettel, but now their racers have almost the same number of points.

The team decided to help Sebastian recoup after problems in Bahrain. The drivers drove at the same pace, but this maneuver complicated their strategy and deprived Leckler of fourth place. I do not agree with this decision, but it must be analyzed in the context of the fact that Vettel had to recoup.

In any situation, the priority for the team. The incident in Bahrain – a consequence of the fact that Vettel got nervous, because last year he lost all the advantage gained in the first half of the season. This is a psychological moment, and Ferrari should be laid out at 101% to get ahead of the team, which is the strongest in recent years.

Mercedes remains the main contender for victory. The team won five titles and looked relaxed in China. I heard that the racers finished with a lot of fuel, which means they did not try to create a gap in the last laps or even throughout the race. This is a very strong opponent, so Ferrari need to forget about the results of the pre-season tests – they have to roll up their sleeves and win back, focusing on their goals. ”