Mil-Spec #005 can become the most tuned Hummer

Mil-Spec #005 can become the most tuned Hummer

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning studio presented the project Launch Edition, in which the modified Hummer H1 off-road vehicles are produced. Introduced “Hummer” with index #005 can safely win the title of the most expensive and tuned with a cost of 248,690 dollars.

Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA), an atelier specializing in Hummer H1 off-road vehicles, has just presented its own custom work. The car cost customers $ 248,690. It is called # 005 and is part of the limited edition Launch Edition, consisting of 12 SUVs. According to the experts themselves, this is the most expensive and redesigned Hummer H1, which combines technical improvements, increased power, and special design changes.

As in the previous four MSA assemblies, # 005 is equipped with a manually-designed 6.6-liter Duramax LBZ turbodiesel engine, developing 500 hp. and 1354 Nm of torque. The V8 diesel is combined with the Allison 1000 automatic transmission and the New Venture Gear 242 two-speed transfer case.

 Mil-Spec also upgraded the original AM General axle gantry axles with a gear ratio of 2.56: 1, installing the ARB Air Locker differentials. This increases greater traction and better off-road performance.

The design of the car remained with the authentic design, but there are a lot of exclusive changes both inside the car and in the cabin. In 2019, seven more Launch Edition H1s SUVs will be built.

In the meantime, for 2,080 euros, everyone can turn their BMW M760LI into a powerful supercar thanks to the G-Power atelier.