Microsoft will teach BMW cars to talk

Microsoft will teach BMW cars to talk

May 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW and Microsoft are planning to create an open source platform that will make conversations with car voice assistants more natural and personalized.

The BMW Open Mobility Cloud system will be based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With the use of artificial intelligence technologies, developers are going to expand the capabilities of a personal assistant for interacting with users.

As an example, the following dialogue is given: during a trip, a car reminds of the need to conduct a scheduled inspection in the near future. After that, the computer offers to select the date, time and dealership. In other words, to write to the MOT the driver does not even have to call anywhere. Similarly, you can manage reminders in the calendar (it will be synchronized with your smartphone) and deal with incoming e-mails.

Development teams based in Munich (BMW) and Seattle (Microsoft) are aimed at creating a more relaxed dialogue between the car and the man. In other words, it will be possible not to memorize specific phrases listed in the instruction manual, but to speak as if with an ordinary interlocutor. The beginnings of this approach have already been implemented in BMW: for example, the phrase “Hey BMW, I’m cold”, and Intelligent Personal Assistant will automatically twist the climate control settings.

The good news is that such a voice system will receive regular updates, that is, in the foreseeable future, BMW cars will constantly become smarter.

The timing of the emergence of new systems in production cars is not specified.