Mick Schumacher: I did not expect such results!

Mick Schumacher: I did not expect such results!

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Wednesday, Mick Schumacher worked with Alfa Romeo and said that the experience of two days of tests in Formula 1 will try to use in Formula 2.

Mick Schumacher: “The impressions of the second day of the tests are unambiguously at the level of yesterday’s, although, to be honest, I did not expect such good results. But since I enjoyed it a lot, I suppose it was easier for me to work with teams and demand a lot from myself.

Both teams were very open, they taught me a lot, and in the course of the tests I was able to perform the tasks better and get closer to the limit of the possible.

There is a definite difference between Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, but overall it was nice to fly both the SF90 and C38. However, the races on the first and second day of the tests took place in very different conditions, so making some comparisons is rather difficult. Today, there were faster cars on the track, but I think we managed quite adequately.

Today I tried to achieve greater confidence behind the wheel, in particular, to solve the tasks that could not be completed yesterday, and the interaction with the team was very good, so I am satisfied.

In these two days I did everything to maximize the use of time, which was at my disposal, then to apply this experience in Formula 2, because the immediate task is to prepare for the races in Baku. I will try to use everything that I learned here.

The track in Baku is special, I’m waiting for the first acquaintance with it, so there is a lot of work ahead with the Prema team, and I’m already preparing for it. ”