Michelin offers reinforced tires for the Bugatti Chiron

Michelin offers reinforced tires for the Bugatti Chiron

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With the new Michelin carbon fiber tires, the Bugatti Chiron is ready to accelerate to 480 km / h.

As for engines, suspensions, transmissions and brakes, tires are the most important part of the car. You may have the fastest and sharpest car on the planet, but emitting unnamed tires worth $ 50 apiece from a local Walmart will have a very negative impact on performance. That is why premium brands do not spare the cost of rubber for their high-performance models.

When the original Bugatti Veyron appeared, it used a Michelin tire set, which cost $ 42,000 ($ 100,000 with wheels). The tires on the Bugatti Chiron are not so expensive, but they are also the result of serious engineering developments. According to Stefan Ellrott, Head of Bugatti Engineering, two French companies (Michelin’s headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand is just six hours drive from Bugatti near Molsheim) took the standard Chiron tire and applied a layer of carbon fiber to the carcass for added durability.


“We used an airplane test bench in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA to make sure that everything was fine with the tires at speeds of more than 500 kilometers per hour. After that, you can see that 500 km / h is normal, so you drive faster and faster so that we can see what the attenuation will be. At first, you will have signs that the tire will be destroyed. There will be noise and vibration before the tire completely explodes, ”Ellroth said.

Thus, Bugatti and Michelin tested the tires on the stand reinforced with carbon fiber, at the limit of their capabilities, so that at such a speed would not become fatal for Chiron tester Andy Wallace. Luckily for Bugatti, Michelin and Wallace, Chiron reached 304 mph without a problem. The upgraded Michelin tires are likely to appear in the limited edition Chiron Super Sport 300+.