Michelin and General Motors test airless tires

Michelin and General Motors test airless tires

June 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

GM jointly with Michelin for several years actively develop airless tires. It is expected that innovative tires will be massively used in vehicles already in 2024.

According to reliable sources, the cooperation between General Motors and Michelin began to bear fruit, as the companies in the framework of their cooperation have made some progress in the development. And soon, GM will begin the first tests of tires, which are called UPTIS (the abbreviation stands for: a unique system, characterized by puncture resistance).

The date of the first test is scheduled for the end of 2019; the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car will perform as a test car. Innovative UPTIS tires have a large number of advantages over standard tires, because they do not explode, are environmentally friendly, and, importantly, save the drivers to carry a spare tire.

 Steve Kiefer, vice president of General Motors, spoke on this subject. In his statement, he noted the benefits that ordinary motorists will receive from the cooperation of the two largest manufacturers, and also expressed confidence that UPTIS is a step in the future for the global automotive industry.

Airless technology implemented in UPTIS will reduce waste. Indeed, according to the company’s statistics, 20% of non-repairable tires are emitted annually, which together totals 200 million tires and tons of hazardous waste.