MG promises more affordable electric hatchback

MG promises more affordable electric hatchback

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The MG ZS electric crossover will be joined by a small electric hatchback, which the head of MG promises will be offered at a “normal price” of about $ 35,000.

Within two years, MG promises to cut prices for its entire line of electric vehicles. The Chinese company has confirmed its ambitious plan to offer an all-new Corolla-sized electric car that will be its technology flagship. Based on its approach to pricing the new MG ZS EV, which is now priced from $ 40,990 excluding travel costs, the new product could cost $ 35,000 or less.

“There will be an electric hatchback. It will be below 40 thousand dollars. It will be just a Corolla-sized electric car. Smaller than MG3. It will be 2022 or 2023, ”MG Australia Managing Director Peter Chao revealed fresh details about the new electric city hatchback at the presentation of the ZS EV in Sydney.

Chao deliberately did not specify a timeline for the car, which will be built on a dedicated electric platform and not just an electrified version of the existing model. Chao is a strong supporter of the electrification plan for MG, part of the giant SAIC battery conglomerate in China.

“People will love electric cars if they can drive them at a reasonable price. You can’t push people to buy this product, and that’s an additional $ 20,000. You cannot do this. The electric car is a completely different matter. You have to say that this is the same price, but a much better product, ”he says.