Mexicans turned the Tesla Model X into an electric armored vehicle

Mexicans turned the Tesla Model X into an electric armored vehicle

December 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Mexican company Centur Security has created an armored version of the Model X electric crossover. Such a vehicle is exhibited in one of Tesla’s showrooms in Mexico City, according to the publication Electrek.

The crossover design was reinforced with steel, and lightweight ballistic materials were applied to the body panels. In addition, standard windows were replaced with special bullet-proof glass. The car is able to protect the driver and passengers from fire from high power pistols, including caliber.44 Magnum.

According to the fame of the developers, after upgrading the armored crossover adds a mass of only 250 kg, which reduces the maximum power reserve of only 3-5%.

The transformation of the Tesla Model X into an electric armored vehicle will take approximately 12 weeks and will cost the customer 45 thousand dollars. In this case, the price does not include the price of the “donor” car and tax.

 Earlier, the American firm Armormax released an armored version of the Tesla Model S P100D electric liftback. In this case, the developers said that they had created the fastest armored car in the world. The design of the electric car was reinforced with a special light laminated synthetic fiber, as well as with a special ballistic alloy. After modernization, the mass of a car capable of withstanding rifle shots or a powerful pistol increased by only 250 kilograms.

How exactly the dynamics of the electric vehicle has changed is not known. The usual Tesla Model S P100D can accelerate from standstill to 96 km / h in 2.3 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to 250 km per hour. The maximum power reserve of electric vehicles exceeds 400 kilometers.