Mexican spent more than 50 years to build a unique Ferrari

Mexican spent more than 50 years to build a unique Ferrari

October 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari 330GT Speciale model 1966 performed in the style of works by Giovanni Michelotti

Mexican Jose Fernandez with the help of the workshop The Creative Workshop built a unique Ferrari, made in the style of the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. The idea of ​​building such a car, called Ferrari 330GT Speciale, Fernandez had been bearing since the 60s.

In the 60s, in a Mexico City bookstore, Fernandez stumbled upon a copy of an old Ferrari directory, in which he saw a photo of a Type 250 Europa Sports Coupe with a Vignale body. He liked the car so much that Fernandez spent the night creating a copy of the car from balsa.

A few years later, from Cavallino and Road & Track magazines, he gathered additional information about the car. And redid the original wooden model. Build your own car, it was decided to units Ferrari 330, slightly changing the original body Michelotti. So, the sports car became a bit “obese” and wider, a trunk appeared in the back.

In 2000, a new car model was made. But this time from foam and plastic. Work on the living machine stopped, barely had time to begin, and resumed only in 2015. Body 330GT Speciale made by hand from aluminum. The original chassis and the 4.0-liter V12 engine from the 330GT were modified. The impact of the unit was 286 horsepower and 325 Nm of torque.

The project has become a kind of tribute to the design work of Michelotti and Ferrari racing of the 50s. In particular, the 1951 Ferrari 340 America.