Mexican drug cartel shipped drug to Canadian Ford dealers

Mexican drug cartel shipped drug to Canadian Ford dealers

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mexican drug traffickers have no shortage of ideas on how to smuggle goods across the border. In the overwhelming majority of situations, criminals manage to outwit the law enforcement agencies, but at times something goes awry. A recent logistical mistake cost the drug cartel a fabulous sum: instead of falling into the hands of drag dealers, a large batch of methamphetamine went to Canadian Ford dealers.

According to a press release from the Ontario provincial police, employees of four Blue Oval dealerships in Eastern Canada found in the trunks of the newly arrived Ford Fusion sedans (they are assembled in Mexico) non-original spare wheels, inside which were carefully packed methamphetamine bags. To clarify the details of the police contacted the local office and the Mexican plant of Ford.

As a result of subsequent searches at thirteen dealerships of the company, the police were able to detect drugs in nine cars. Another six “Fords” with methamphetamine on board managed to get off the train. In total, the security forces managed to find about 180 kg of the substance – the party pulls at least 4.5 million dollars. Obviously, employees of the Mexican plant were engaged in laying, but for some reason, accomplices in Canada could not “dismantle” the cars.

The arrogance of drug traffickers (the police are convinced that Cineloa’s largest Mexican cartel is behind this) knows no bounds. In 2017, more than half a ton of marijuana arrived from the same Mexican factory Ford in the United States. Guess from one time, where the criminals hid the drugs? Yes, yes, exactly: in the niches for the reserve Ford Fusion sedans.