Mercury Cougar 2021 or the most luxurious version of the Ford Mustang

Mercury Cougar 2021 or the most luxurious version of the Ford Mustang

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Studio Abimelec Design introduced a render on the luxury sports coupe Mercury Cougar. The car is based on the Ford Mustang 2021 model year.

To date, the Ford Mustang is the only popular sports car with a coupe body type. Ford’s Mercury brand has long gone out of the market, as has its sporty two-door Cougar.

 Design Studio Abimelec Design has decided to introduce a more luxurious version of the modern Ford Mustang, a car that is essentially a sibling for the Mercury Cougar. The guys decided to imagine how such a version of the current “Mustang” might look if it takes some design features from the original Cougar.

 Abimelec Design produced several images from different angles with various color combinations of the interior and exterior.

Almost all body panels look unique to Cougar. The resulting car is very similar to the first and second generation Cougar. In particular, the very first version of the car resembles the design of the rear lights. On the front wing is written “Cougar” in iconic font, and a stray cougar replaces a galloping horse in the grille.

Under the hood of the Mercury Cougar 2021 model year from Abimelec Design 2021 is Ford’s 450-liter EcoBoost V6 rated at 450 horsepower (691 Nm). Cougar and Mustang became fundamentally different cars in 1974 when the Mustang II appeared, and Cougar became a replacement for the aging mid-size Ford Torino coupe. If Ford revived the Cougar name, most likely it would be a crossover, and not a new luxury sports car.