Mercedes will teach to avoid criminal areas when parking

Mercedes will teach to avoid criminal areas when parking

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Future Mercedes-Benz models will receive a built-in application for the MBUX interface, which will use the crime data to select a safe parking place. It will be able to analyze in real time the police statistics and information on the availability of free parking spaces. First, the application will only work in several areas of the United States.

“We can choose a specific location and get information about the number of crimes in the last few weeks,” – said Marcus Emann, software development manager. “We get data from the Seattle base and compare it to parking lot data.” After this, each area is assigned a color code corresponding to the security level.

Green displays the safest places for parking, yellow – relatively safe, red – places where the car is not recommended. In addition, the application shows the cost of parking and the distance to the final point of the route.

Last November it became known that Mercedes-Benz developed a system that will notify the owner of attempts to hack, evacuate or crash when the car is in the parking lot. It will be available for all brand models equipped with special sensors.