Mercedes will release hypercar with Formula 1 engine

Mercedes will release hypercar with Formula 1 engine

August 31, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Next year will celebrate 50 years of AMG, and in honor of this event decided to build midengine hypercar, of course in cooperation with Mercedes.

It is not yet officially confirmed, but the representatives of the AMG in the Belgian Grand Prix let slip that work on such a car is driven. And not just underway. Already end design work.

Currently, designing of this car is nearing completion and it is expected that the pre-production prototype will be shown in the next year. In the production hypercar will be maximally used racing technology used in the design and produce of Formula 1 race cars. In particular, the sports car will get a power plant from the formula-car Mercedes-AMG W07 – 1,6-liter six-cylinder bi-turbo engine, two electric motors and an energy recovery system.

Motor and the gearbox will be seriously modified. The main focus will be on increasing their life and reliability as well as the requirements for engines “civilian” sports cars very different than in racing. The power unit will be around 900 hp, and the total capacity of the two electric motors – 160 hp that will allow the car weighing 1,000 kg to accelerate the first hundred in 2.5 seconds and accelerate to 354 km/h.

It is possible that the working volume of the engine for the supercar will be increased to 2 liters. It is also expected that the unit will be equipped with optional supercharger. In addition for the power unit of supercar will have to develop a starter-generator (Formula 1 race cars is not possible to start from the cockpit), a high-performance cooling system and a completely new gearbox, which can provide comfort for everyday use.

The supercar will also receive a fully controlled chassis, the thrust vector changes system and active aerodynamic elements. The structural model will be widely used carbon, aluminum and other lightweight materials.

Similarly the car will receive “advanced” aerodynamics and, according to the developers assurances, will be one of the most technically advanced sports cars in the world. And one of the most rare and expensive. It is planned to release fifty cars at the price of 4 million euros per copy. Despite the fact that the competition in this price segment is practically no Germans call their main rival 1000 hp hypercar AM-RB 001, jointly developed by Aston Martin and Red Bull. That also should appear on sale in 2018, have similar characteristics, but cost a little less – 3.3 million euros.

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