Mercedes will pay $ 13 million fine

Mercedes will pay $ 13 million fine

December 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German company will pay a substantial fine due to incorrect recalls of cars.

Mercedes-Benz USA, part of Daimler, has agreed to pay a civil fine of $ 20 million with a deferment of $ 7 million, which was imposed after a government investigation.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, the German automaker will pay $ 13 million, and he will face a fine of $ 7 million if he does not fulfill the agreement. NHTSA said that Mercedes-Benz USA in some reviews did not notify owners in a timely manner, did not submit all reports, and did not start at least two reviews in a timely manner.

A statement from Mercedes-Benz USA said that “we believe that we did not intentionally do anything wrong, but, unfortunately, we missed some deadlines for informing the agency about the measures we took to fulfill their requirements.”

The Safety Agency also expressed concern about “repeated and undeclared failures” in the automaker’s data system when providing information to the agency’s search tool by vehicle identification number, which allows owners to check whether their car has been recalled.

    “Agency reporting requirements help ensure consumers are protected and receive important feedback information. We expect manufacturers to comply with their legal obligations to the agency and consumers during transportation. It’s reminiscent of security, ” – said James Owens, NHTSA Acting Administrator, in a statement.