Mercedes will bring Maybach S450 collectible to China

Mercedes will bring Maybach S450 collectible to China

March 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese love luxury cars, and a new version of the Mercedes-Maybach S450 4MATIC has just appeared on the local market.

Named collector’s Edition accordingly, the car is based on the existing Mercedes-Maybach S450 4MATIC and therefore continues to use the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged twin-cylinder engine running in parallel with the 48-volt soft hybrid system.

The power plant provides a total power of 367 hp and 368 Nm of torque and is connected to a 9-speed automatic transmission that drives all four wheels. When viewed from the side, the first thing that strikes the Mercedes-Maybach S450 4MATIC Collector’s Edition is its attractive front grille.

Although this grill is installed on the standard S450, available in some markets, it differs significantly from the grille used in the compact S-Class segment models. The biggest change made outside is the installation of individual 20-inch black and silver wheels. In addition, the luxury sedan “bathes” in the characteristic brown paint, which exudes style and sophistication.

Custom touches continue in the cabin and include luscious brown leather on the seats, embroidered Maybach logos on the headrests and a number of wood trim on the door panels and front seatbacks. All this looks pretty respectable and ideal for Chinese businessmen who prefer to drive a car from behind rather than at the helm.

It is still unknown whether the production of the S450 4MATIC Collector’s Edition will be limited, but we know that it can be bought for 1,458,800 Chinese yuan. Chinese media have also reported that in China, Mercedes will stop supplying the Maybach S560 and S680 models.