Mercedes V-Class gets cool air suspension

Mercedes V-Class gets cool air suspension

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German Mercedes-Benz V-class van can now be purchased with air suspension. The system boasts individually adjustable damping for each wheel. has shared information regarding the German Mercedes-Benz V-class van. It is reported that the 2021 version of the auto model year boasts a special air suspension that will provide “the best comfort for passengers” – just so the official press release says.

Air suspension will only be available in select markets and at an additional cost.

The so-called Airmatic chassis provides a constant ground clearance regardless of the amount of cargo in the car, as well as road conditions, and uses dual frequency selective damping control for each wheel.

Like many other adaptive suspension systems on the market today, technology from Mercedes will allow the driver to choose from various driving modes that control her behavior. In Comfort mode, for example, the van remains at standard height up to a speed of 110 km / h, and when the car starts to move faster, the suspension is automatically lowered by 10 mm. Lift mode, in turn, raises the car by 35 mm, this amount of clearance remains up to a speed of 35 km / h.

The German manufacturer points out that you can also order the new adaptive air suspension for the all-electric EQV van, as well as for the Marco Polo and Vito and eVito campsites in passenger configuration. Mercedes promises that the air suspension delivers unrivaled ride quality in this segment (executive vans) and also helps reduce energy consumption at higher speeds.

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