Mercedes: three doubles in the first three races of the season

Mercedes: three doubles in the first three races of the season

April 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Weekend in Shanghai brought Mercedes another victorious double. At the end of the three stages, the team earned 130 points – more than Ferrari and Red Bull Racing together.

Lewis Hamilton (1st): “The weekend turned out to be difficult, but our team again achieved a fantastic result, the guys worked really great!

Going to Shanghai, we did not know what will be the balance of power between us and Ferrari, because they were very fast in Bahrain. But we managed to add, Valtteri today worked brilliantly, the winning double in the thousandth race is a special achievement! Everything was decided at the start, after that we just controlled the situation. In the first three Grand Prix of the season, our strategists worked perfectly, you need to continue in the same spirit.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

Thanks to my fans! They supported me great all weekend, met at the airport and at the hotel – I am grateful to each of them! The fight is still tight, I don’t know how the next race will be, but I look forward to it! ”

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “For our team, the beginning of the season was perfect. We could not even imagine that we would win three shots in a row – many thanks to all the staff for their fantastic work!

Personally, today I’m a little sad because I started the race from pole position, but I lost it already in the first meters. On the white line start-finish there was a slip, and I lost the lead to Lewis. These little things can play an important role – unfortunately, today they have determined the name of the winner.

If we talk about the positive moments, at a distance we looked more confident than in Bahrain. The team is in good shape, but you need to continue to give all the best. The route in Shanghai is in many ways unique, in Baku another challenge awaits us – let’s see how everything goes in two weeks. ”

Toto Wolff, team leader: “It’s amazing to win such a confident victory in the 1000th race in the history of the championship! For us, this is a special achievement, everyone in the team is really happy.

On Friday, our pace on a long series of circles did not allow to count on an easy race, today’s advantage over Ferrari was a surprise. Opponents are still very fast on the straight – I don’t think that it’s solely a matter of power, it’s very likely that our car has a higher drag. In any case, over the speed of the direct we need to work.

We are very risky, at the same time calling on the pit-stop of both riders – in this situation it is easy to miss the lead. But we also understood that if we call one of the riders later, he may lose the position. Mechanics worked flawlessly, the plan was a success!

Lewis at the start perfectly released the clutch and subsequently confidently controlled the course of the race. Valtteri, of course, less satisfied, because he won the pole and could well expect to win, but today everything was decided on the first meters of the distance.

Baku has a completely different route, there is a very long straight line, and it will be extremely important to achieve an optimal ratio of power and aerodynamic resistance. I am sure that we will have another exciting battle – we are looking forward to it! ”

Andrew Shovlin, chief race engineer: “A great result! In Bahrain, the victorious double was obtained thanks to luck and high reliability, whereas here we hoped to defeat our rivals at the expense of pure speed. Both drivers worked fantastically. Valtteri very confidently spent this weekend, but today he was not lucky to miss the leadership in the first turn. Lewis absolutely controlled the situation.

We understood that this time the strategy with one or two pit stops would be almost equal, therefore we tried to create a gap in order to be able to react freely to the actions of the opponents. It was very nice to observe the coordinated work of the team and the excellent speed of the car. Employees in Brackley and Brixworth make every effort to ensure that the W10 is competitive on any track – it is gratifying that these efforts were rewarded with such a confident start to the season! ”