Mercedes started the production of electric truck Urban eTruck

Mercedes started the production of electric truck Urban eTruck

September 21, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Until recently, the idea of all-electric full-size trucks might seem utopian, but now, right before our eyes, it becomes a reality. Truck powered by batteries, called Urban eTruck with a very futuristic design is already out on the streets.

It was built on the chassis of diesel commercial trucks with 6×2, but the diesel engine then replaced with a lithium-ion battery voltage of 400 V and a capacity of 212 kW ∙ h, and two electric motors. Each of them produces power of 168 hp and pulling force of 500 N ∙ m, but thanks to intelligent system of torque transmission to the wheels comes torque 11000 N ∙ m. The battery itself has a liquid cooling.

Standard battery in the 212 kW ∙ h provides a cruising range of 200 km, but Mercedes understands that different shipping companies may have different needs. Therefore, to increase the power reserve and capacity can accommodate an extra battery, and if you need less, on the contrary lighter and with less reserve.

Regardless of the type used to recharge the battery using a standard connector 100 kW Type 2, with him full battery charge takes about two to three hours (depending on capacity). To conserve energy regenerative brake system in a truck is used, which returns some of the energy during braking.

The company is very tried in design, to its first electric truck can be immediately distinguished from its diesel counterpart. The car is almost no grille, air intake for cooling is located above the cab. It is evident that the designers really worked on aerodynamics, and it is clear – the struggle for power reserve was serious. Probably for the same reason, refused to use the side mirrors instead installed compact camcorder.

The design delights continue inside the cabin – in addition to the odometer displays and side mirror on the console has a large central display with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. One part shows the details of the road ahead, focusing on the important things for the driver of the truck slopes, sharp turns, etc. The second part focuses on the surrounding cars – for example displays information about the distance to the car ahead and its speed.

The computer also warns about the zones of different characters. Particular attention is paid to the remaining battery power. Truck operates in three basic modes – Standard Auto, Eco efficient and maximum power mode Agile. Depending on the condition of the battery are given tips about how to use modes. Besides trucks equipped with FleetBoard telematics system, so that the major carriers can monitor their entire fleet of vehicles in real time.