Mercedes Sprinter made a really cool camper

Mercedes Sprinter made a really cool camper

May 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Vanlife Experience built a comfortable motorhome based on the German van Mercedes Sprinter. The caravan was created for the Vanlife Experience contest in 2019.

Based in Denver (USA), the company Vanlife Customs made of the German Mercedes-Benz Sprinter a model of 2016 a cool motorhome, which they affectionately called Pops due to its hinged roof.

Now they decided to tell us in detail about the van, and this, at least, is an impressive job. It is small enough to easily maneuver along a city street, but it also boasts a large bed and impressive off-road capabilities thanks to Fox suspension upgrades. Additional lighting, another grille and a canopy complete the modernization of the exterior of the van.

This upgraded Merc is equipped with a lithium battery rated at 200 amperes * hours. It is quite enough to maintain the operation of all the equipment inside the motorhome for two days, but 160 watts of solar charging on the roof can charge the battery once a day. The engine generator can also charge the battery, and a 2000-watt inverter delivers 110-volt alternating current to the interior for connected devices.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with a double burner induction hob and a small sink that can be covered with a cutting board. 20 liters of fresh water can be stored in the rear of the car. Behind the kitchen is the wall of storage cabinets and drawers, which can become a pseudo workspace. Inside is a flat-screen TV, which can also be used as a monitor for a PC or laptop.

At the touch of a button, the roof rises, revealing a queen-size mattress, which serves as the master bedroom. The sleeping area is illuminated by LED lamps controlled by a simple sensor system.