Mercedes showed the interior of the new CLA

Mercedes showed the interior of the new CLA

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of an active teaser campaign, Mercedes released a video showing the interior of the new CLA version, which will debut on January 7 or 9 at the CES in Las Vegas.

The second generation Mercedes-Benz CLA advertising campaign is in full swing, and on the eve of the official debut scheduled for next week, a new video was shown. The car will be presented at the consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, which is increasingly attracting the attention of automakers. Now we were shown a video showing part of the interior and technology.

So, we were shown a special function of an “interior assistant”. If in simple words, the system was shown using motion sensors, which includes interior lighting when driving with the hands of the driver. No details, but it is logical to assume that the function will only work on a parked car.

The passenger side of the dashboard has the “Edition 1” logo, which means that we are considering a limited edition CLA Edition 1, which will only be sold during the first 12 months. As with other models with a similar index (A-Class Sedan Edition 1 and GT 63 S Edition 1), the series will have better equipment and more personalization options.

In addition, CES was chosen to debut, in order to focus on the MBUX corporate complex, which is actively developing and receiving new functionality.