Mercedes showed off-road capabilities of the electric EQC 4×4²

Mercedes showed off-road capabilities of the electric EQC 4×4²

November 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The premium German brand has released a video showing the amazing off-road capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×42 electric crossover. The shown car will not go into mass production – it will remain in concept status.

Apparently, Mercedes-Benz has a special relationship with SUVs that are equipped with portal axles. It probably started with the full-size G500 4×42 before the stunning E-Class wagon debuted in 2017 in the all-terrain 4×42 all-terrain. Just a few weeks ago, the Stuttgart-based automaker spoke about the electric EQC 4×42.

For now, this is only a zero-emission crossover concept.

A new commercial features a prototype of the novelty, performing off-road maneuvers and world wakeboarding champion Sanne Meyer. In the video, Mercedes asks the fundamental question: “Who said electric cars and dynamic driving are incompatible?” The answer is simple: “it’s in the past.”

“And if you’re still in doubt as to whether EVs can handle off-road performance, the new EQC is sure to please you,” says the premium German brand. He equipped his novelty with portal axles and a “high” suspension, which increases the ground clearance from the standard 140 to 293 mm – a whopping 23 mm more than the G-Class. In addition, the transition to portal axles also significantly increases the fording depth by 150 to 400 mm.

Those massive off-road tires you see in action in the video are actually 20-inch wheels wrapped in 285/50 R20 rubber.

Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz has no plans to launch this concept crossover into serial production. A less hardcore, off-road-focused version of the electric EQC may be possible in the future, but it will be far from the outlandish off-road capabilities of the EQC 4×42.

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