Mercedes set a new record

Mercedes set a new record

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time in the history of Formula 1, the team began the season with four doubles in a row – and contrary to pre-season forecasts, this team became Mercedes. In Baku, the team confidently controlled the race, never letting doubt its victory, although it did not have the advantage in pace …

Valtteri Bottas (1st): “Really a nice victory. When you start from pole position, you hope for a simple race – the less drama, the better. The start was not the best – after slipping in China, I could have been too careful. Lewis sped up better, so that the first and second turn we went side by side. It was a good, respectful battle, and I am glad that I could be ahead.

Lewis was very fast today and was able to put some pressure on me at the end of the race, so it was important to avoid any mistakes. As I said on the radio after the race, the team worked great. The level at which we are speaking now is very impressive, and here, on the track, and at the base, and I am very proud of everyone. We must continue to work at this level. ”

Lewis Hamilton (2nd): “A great result for the team. I think now our team is stronger than ever, and all thanks to the teamwork. Valtteri and I are trying to get closer to the limit behind the wheel of a car and achieve a result, just like the mechanics at the pit stops, the engineers and all the staff at the base. I don’t think that we have ever performed at this level before, and I’m grateful to everyone for their hard work.

Baku is not a favorite track for me, it has always been difficult for me here. Today I was close to victory, but not close enough. I didn’t work perfectly in qualifying and was a bit cautious at the start. I also had a problem with the virtual safety car, and therefore it was hard to catch up with the Valtteri.

But all these “ifs” and “buts” don’t matter: Valtteri had a great race and deserved the victory. It’s great that the team allows us to fight. I will work to recoup and perform better in Spain. ”

Toto Wolff, team leader: “I’m really happy – another example of the amazing work of the whole team. Today we did not make serious mistakes, and that is what brought us victory. Our car is fast, strategic decisions were correct, pit stops were executed flawlessly, and the drivers were right.

Today we let our pilots fight. We asked them to slow down at the beginning of the second segment, because they did not know how long the tires would hold, but at the beginning of the race, and at the end they were free to fight each other.

They both very well cope with the pressure, neither of them made mistakes today, so it was a calculated risk, but it was nice to see that they were fighting each other cleanly and respectfully. I am very pleased with the result and happy that Valtteri received some compensation for his failure here last year. ”

James Ellison, Technical Director: “It was not a crazy race for survival, as sometimes happens in Baku, but for us it was a tense, exciting pleasure to control its progress on this difficult route. Our drivers desperately fought each other at the start and then again were very close to each other at the end.

To control the course of such a race, to finish in the first two places again and support our dynamics of performances in the championship – one could only dream of such an early start of the championship, and we could not be happier. Now you need to make sure that we can repeat this in two weeks in Barcelona, ​​where, as we saw in the winter tests, Ferrari cars were very fast. ”