Mercedes published a teaser for the new generation GLA crossover

Mercedes published a teaser for the new generation GLA crossover

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The official presentation of the new version of the German crossover will be held on December 11. The car will receive many modern security systems and driver assistance systems.

The smallest crossover in the automaker’s lineup appeared on the official teaser image, which was published by the company’s press service a couple of minutes ago. It is worth noting that we have already seen a lot of test prototypes of the long-awaited new items, however, all of them were covered with camouflage film, which is why it was not possible to examine the exterior of the machine in detail.

It is noteworthy that the guys from Mercedes did not limit themselves to a regular teaser, but also published some characteristics of their updated crossover.

  It is reported that the height of the car has increased by more than 10 centimeters compared to the current version of the model – there this figure is 1,494 mm. By the way, the relatively low height of the current version of the GLA crossover prompted some people to call it just a hatchback, but a crossover. Another advantage of the updated version of the SUV is the increased space inside the cabin, as the driver and front passenger will receive additional height above their heads.

We will also learn that the updated crossover will be 15 mm shorter than its predecessor, but the legroom at the back will “noticeably increase”, probably due to a slightly stretched wheelbase – the brand’s engineers probably had to reduce the front and / or rear overhang.

 Mercedes continues to mention that the new generation of the GLA crossover will receive many of the most advanced safety and driver assistance systems, including a warning when radars and sensors detect pedestrians near pedestrian crossings. The novelty will receive an active assistant when braking and a function that will warn the driver about approaching vehicles or cyclists.