Mercedes pays compensation to the client for “non-leather” seats

Mercedes pays compensation to the client for “non-leather” seats

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The court admitted that Mercedes’s advertising and the description of the goods have mislead people. As it turns out, the seats on the new Mercedes E-Class convertible leather are not completely up-to-date.

Buying a new Mercedes for many customers is an extraordinary situation. Many models of the company are not cheap at all. Because of the reputation of the company, the cost and the loud brand, you expect to get exactly what you paid for. Also, Carrie Costello, who paid around £ 35,000 (about $ 45,500), also thought for his new Mercedes E-Class convertible. But after buying, he realized that his leather seats were partially leather.

The message separately notes that these “leather seats” are not standard equipment and cost about $ 1,200 as a separate option. An independent judge came to the conclusion that the options and details advertised as leather must be made 100% off of the skin. Therefore, the company awarded the companies Castello 1 100 dollars back.

“I think that if the documents say that the interior is made of leather, it can be assumed that it is completely leather,” – added the independent ombudsman Motor.