Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has become even more luxurious

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has become even more luxurious

February 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Over this German limousine was carried out painstaking 100-hour work, which can be seen on a short 7-minute video.

In order to collect one copy of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman, many hours of manual work. On the recently published video captured 100 hour process of painting the body of this smart and very expensive cars.

The long body painting process was carried out at a representative office in the UK, which specializes in luxury cars such as the S600 Pullman.

On the 7-minute video, the guys from the Topaz center reveal their secret to the 5th level of painting the body of a limousine. The goal is to eliminate the “orange peel”, which is a lack of paint that can affect any car, even Pullman for $ 600,000.

This long process begins with masking every part of the car that is not painted. Equal edges are masked by a thin ribbon. Then dry grinding is carried out to neutralize the hills and hollows of the transparent layer. The next step is wet grinding, which includes several stages of finishing. Further, special tags are removed on the car body.

After polishing, a mirror image should be visible on the car body. And now, finally, some final touches. The guys from Topaz also have “a few secret steps” that they didn’t reveal in the video, but this is fine, because trying to complete the entire body painting process, I repeat that painting lasts 100 hours – this is too much.

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