Mercedes-Maybach introduced a new collection of accessories

Mercedes-Maybach introduced a new collection of accessories

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes-Maybach’s Icons of Luxury showcases branded luxury accessories. Many things are presented: from leather belts to a folding bed for a dog.

Mercedes-Maybach, the German manufacturer of premium cars, has shown a new collection of luxury accessories developed with the participation of its own division of Icons of Luxury.

It is reported that all the elements and details of luxury are made for those “who love to surround themselves with beautiful things” and are made using a “complex manufacturing process”. The list includes: several leather bags: Weekender I – a universal bag for short trips, Adviser I – a bag for a laptop and documents, as well as Eve I – an elegant women’s bag made of nappa leather, etc.

 Other innovations include accessories such as The Fabulous leather belt for men, The Success III leather case for saffiano leather iPhone, 200-page notebook The Memory I (Compact) and a compact two-tone ladies handbag.

 Mercedes-Maybach also offers home goods. The client has the opportunity to purchase a mobile bar made of natural wood with exquisite silver-plated glasses for champagne, The Embrace I blanket, available in six different colors, and even a folding bed for the dog The Dog’s Domain I.