Mercedes launches new mobile app for ‘digital ecosystem’

Mercedes launches new mobile app for ‘digital ecosystem’

August 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes Me’s new three-tier app system is said to offer more intuitive operation and new products and services as the brand increases its digital presence.

Mercedes-Benz has announced a new generation of application-based products and services, along with its own developer platform, with the aim of creating a new “digital ecosystem”.

Initially composed of three core Mercedes Me apps available for download with immediate effect, the new features will be offered in 40 markets by the end of 2020. The firm says the intent was to improve “core features with an even more engaging customer experience” with shorter update cycles and more intuitive controls. All three apps now require one login.

The Mercedes Me app connects the vehicle to the user’s smartphone and makes it easy to display information such as range, mileage or tire pressure. Where applicable, users can also control pre-air conditioning, retractable roof or side windows via the app, with a new feature that allows headlights to blink to locate the vehicle.

The second app, Mercedes Me Store, powers the digital ecosystem that Mercedes claims will be a major part of its revenue streams in the coming years. Users can easily access digital products, connected services and on-demand features that can be purchased via a smartphone – for example, features such as advanced smartphone integration, which were not an option at the time of car purchase.

Finally, the brand also offers the Mercedes Me Service app, which can remind owners of service or maintenance bookings, display warnings and recommend appropriate action to fix or prevent further problems. Users can also sign up for seminars through the app.

Mercedes says the real innovation of new applications is its standardized development platform called the Software Development Kit (SDK). This allows independent programmers to create applications that work with vehicle interfaces with data security “guaranteed at all times.” This follows from the brand being one of the first of its kind to offer external developers access to its vehicle’s functions.

The firm says it is also “seamlessly blending physical retail with digital channels” as part of a new trade initiative. By 2025, a quarter of global passenger car sales are expected to be achieved through online channels.