Mercedes is working on new technology for urban safety

Mercedes is working on new technology for urban safety

August 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In a few months, Mercedes models will receive a new feature that will improve city driving safety. This is the Road Safety Dashboard, a tool that will allow you to learn about traffic incidents in city centers such as London.

The latest generation Mercedes-Benz models such as the C-Class or EQS are capable of detecting potholes and pits in the pavement and transmitting information about them to other models of the German brand that are traveling along the same route or are relatively close to it. These warnings are intended to improve road safety.

For the same purpose, the German brand is testing a new feature in London known as the Road Safety Dashboard. The digital instrument shows accidents in the center of the British capital with high accuracy, with a detailed description of the places with the highest risk of accidents. The information is sent directly to other vehicles and displayed as icons on navigation maps.

The system is smart because if it receives information about several events in the same GPS coordinates, it automatically considers it as a potential emergency location and puts a black mark. This technology has not only data on the location of vehicles, but also information provided by the infrastructure and takes into account the history of incidents that have occurred in the past, in addition to traffic density, distinguishing between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

In the case of the British capital, infrastructure also shares critical and increased risk points for Mercedes models, such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds or universities. The Road Safety Group project started in the British capital but will be expanded to other major European capitals and mid-sized cities in the coming months.

Advanced technology for Mercedes, as well as for the head of the London Transport Department, who was able to test its performance on board vehicles. Now he also wants to use it to develop safety measures in an urban environment that can avoid or minimize the risks of major accidents.

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