Mercedes is thinking about a platform for electric sports cars

Mercedes is thinking about a platform for electric sports cars

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company wants to use electricity to compete with Porsche

Perhaps the Mercedes brand will soon have another platform for electric vehicles, this time for sports. At least that’s how Bloomberg journalists understood the head of Daimler, Ola Kallenius. He stressed that these are models to compete with Porsche.

The words of Kallenius were partly confirmed by Daimler CFO Harald Wilhelm, who said on Friday that Mercedes sports cars will become fully electric, but declined to name the timing of this transformation.

Perhaps, however, the journalists still misunderstood everything. Earlier, Mercedes itself spoke about its plans to switch to electric vehicles. At the initial stage, the electric drive will receive a number of gasoline models, such as the already sold EQC based on the gasoline GLC.

The following year will debut the first model on a completely new electrical architecture for large cars. The firstborn will be the EQS executive sedan.

Then, in the middle of the decade, electric vehicles will begin to appear on a second new all-electric platform, this time more compact. They will replace, in particular, the petrol A-class hatchbacks.

Will there also be a third, purely electric platform? It’s not obvious. At least Porsche itself is going to build its electric sports cars on a chassis known as the PPE. It can be considered an analogue of the Mercedes EQS sedan platform. So, perhaps, Daimler’s leaders had in mind exactly the plans to build a sports version of the EQS and other cars on its chassis.