Mercedes introduced a futuristic car concept from the 22nd century

Mercedes introduced a futuristic car concept from the 22nd century

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A bold concept demonstrates the theoretical image of the Mercedes S-Class from the 22nd century. The design was developed with the help of professionals involved in the visualization of special effects in the movie “Avatar”.

Mercedes-Benz teamed up with the team that created the sci-fi movie Avatar to develop the Vision AVTR concept car. The four-seater at CES in Las Vegas features a new organic design, active aerodynamic elements, and a hologram-based human-machine interface. Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) also received unique interior trim materials and new electrification ideas.

As part of the presentation of the concept at CES, Mercedes-Benz Chairman Ole Callenius, James Cameron, as well as the Avatar core team (directors, art director, designers, directors) spoke. They said that the novelty does not show any particular model. They tried to create an image of what the automotive industry could theoretically come to.

 Vision AVTR demonstrates the idea of ​​closer interaction between the driver and the car. Judging by the image, the car will be equipped with a fully electric power plant. The missing optics may indicate a completely autonomous control, and the appearance of the wheels, perhaps, speaks of new materials for roads, as well as the possibility of recharging batteries on the go. In addition, this shape of the wheels allows for diagonal movement (approximately 30 degrees).

It is assumed that the Vision AVTR will be driven by an electric motor powered by decanter batteries based on organic elements that do not contain rare earth elements and metals.