Mercedes hopes for rain

Mercedes hopes for rain

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton showed the third and fourth time in the second training session in Sochi. The car lacks speed on Soft tires, so the team hopes for rain qualification …

Valtteri Bottas (3rd): “It’s always fun to fly on this track, but some opponents today were too fast for us. Everything is in order with the balance, but I lacked traction. We need to find an opportunity to add in order to compete for the pole tomorrow.

In the evening we will study telemetry and think about what can be done. Tires are a key element for good speed on this track, and we must get the most out of Soft on a fast lap. As for the pace on Medium and Hard, it is quite good. I hope it rains tomorrow – in the qualification on the wet track we have more chances. “

Lewis Hamilton (4th): “We had a day of discovery and research. It all started well, and while we gradually added, the rivals added much more than we did. In the second session, our pace was better, but still not the way we want to see it.

The team will work in the evening to understand what can be done, how to change the settings. It’s nice to see that the rivals are in good shape, because we want to fight them, but at the same time we must add.

Tomorrow is a difficult day, but I hope for rain. We have not yet performed in Sochi on a rain track – this should be interesting. ”

James Ellison, Technical Director: “In general, the day turned out to be difficult, but there were some bright moments that left the hope that it would be possible to perform well tomorrow and Sunday.

On a fast lap, we are slightly inferior to our rivals. On this track, it is traditionally difficult to bring the front tires to working mode, but we made conclusions, and if we can move in the right direction, then tomorrow the situation will be better. We are quite confident in the speed of a car with a full tank – if you do not take into account the speed on a fast lap, we have a good car for racing.

We have to work, but I hope that we can cope and leave in the past the disappointment of today, preserving only the positive points. ”