Mercedes has launched a subscription service

Mercedes has launched a subscription service

June 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Mercedes-Benz launched a subscription service for cars. While he works in the US market in test mode and only in two cities – Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and Nashville (Tennessee). The program, named Mercedes-Benz Collection, will compete with similar services from BMW, Lincoln and Cadillac.

For users, there are three levels of subscription: Signature, Reserve and Premier. In each of them you can change cars at any time at will and use the services of a concierge service, whose task is to help customers on the program’s work. Maintenance of vehicles, insurance and payment of the assistance program on the roads is carried out at the expense of Mercedes-Benz.

The basic program Signature costs 1095 dollars a month – while on it you can subscribe only in Nashville. It provides access to the S-Class sedan, coupe and cabriolet, GLC crossover, SLC roadster and CLA 45 AMG sedan.

At the Reserve level ($ 1,595 per month) you can already ride the E-Class, the GLE crossover, as well as the S-Class sedan and coupe, the SLC roadster and the 43rd AMG-series GLC SUV.

The most expensive subscription option costs $ 2,995 per month and is only available to residents of Philadelphia. For him, all models of the line are available, including top machines and the most powerful AMG variants.

All subscription levels provide for a one-time payment for account activation ($ 495), while Signature and Reserve can also be paid daily, not monthly. It costs 50 and 75 dollars a day, respectively. In addition, the program does not provide for upgrading from the base to the more expensive levels.

In addition to BMW, Lincoln and Cadillac, in the US the program from Volvo is gaining popularity. It costs 600 dollars a month and allows you to change the car every month. However, while the service is available only one model – the crossover XC40.