Mercedes has created for travelers a new inexpensive camper with a mini kitchen

Mercedes has created for travelers a new inexpensive camper with a mini kitchen

May 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This motorhome turned out to be more functional than the first camper of the brand, and at the same time budget.

A little earlier in 2020, Mercedes presented its first tourist camper for the United States under the name Metris Weekender. This model is not yet available for purchase, but travel lovers can purchase a second Caravan Outfitter Backroad caravan equipped with everything necessary for long trips. And this van turned out to be cheaper than the same Weekender. The manufacturer equipped the camper with a Reimo folding triple bench, which turns into a double bed. In total, four can travel in a camper in comfort: for two, the berth is equipped in a tent with a retractable roof.

When folded, the bench serves as a seat for the dining table. At the back of the van is a kitchenette. So far, it does without any water supply system, but this is only for now. At the same time, there was a place for a refrigerator and a propane stove. The developers did not forget about the place for storing food or kitchen utensils. The refrigerator is powered by a built-in 90-Ah battery.

It also has interior lighting and UBS ports. A two-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with a return of 208 hp, working in conjunction with 7-automatic transmission, sets in motion the motorhome from Mercedes.
Caravan Outfitter Backroad costs at least 67,511 dollars. Surcharge for the kitchen – $ 3,400. Even in this case, the novelty is cheaper than Metric Weekender with an estimated base price tag of $ 70,000. For a fee, you can purchase a solar panel, portable toilet and awning.