Mercedes GLG can compete with Mercedes GLG

Mercedes GLG can compete with Mercedes GLG

July 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Gradually, the growing range of Mercedes crossovers will continue to grow as consumers flock to this segment. We know that Mercedes GLB is preparing for the debut, and will take place between GLA and GLC. And the model has already been nicknamed “baby G-Class”. However, soon there may be another crossover, which can get the nickname GLG.

According to Auto Bild, the crossover with the GLG table is still unknown. The first rumors appeared almost six years ago. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and even today there is not much information about the possible younger brother of the G-Class.

Auto Bild says that GLG does not have a factory code, or any development program. However, the publication noted that the German automaker has learned to build new body styles cheaply – at least, cheap for the automotive world. It is also noted that GLG can become a branch of the next generation of GLE, starting in 2020. We do not know the details now, and the information is officially confirmed, as Auto Bild does not name the source. Moreover, the translation of the article could also affect the fullness of the data.

Nevertheless, the future GLG should compete with the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, which has a starting price of about 66,000 dollars. Range Rover Sport combines off-road capabilities, luxurious features and affordable price. The publication says that GLG will be supplied with a set of off-road technologies, height-adjustable air suspension and with locking differentials as standard equipment. This, of course, will help put it on one step with the Range Rover Sport.

At the moment, the three-row, seven-seater passenger GLG is still rumored. At best, it is at a conceptual stage of development.