Mercedes explains why eSprinter won’t hit some markets

Mercedes explains why eSprinter won’t hit some markets

November 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German newspaper reports that Daimler has no plans to launch the all-electric Mercedes eSprinter van in some countries. The car does not meet some of the standards that other similar models, for example, the recently launched Ford E-Transit, do.

The Mercedes eSprinter debuted in Europe last year and has been on sale in the Old Continent for six months now. With two battery options available – 55 or 41 kWh – the electric van is an excellent commercial vehicle for fleet use. In fact, it has attracted the interest of giant companies like Amazon in Europe.

But there is one problem. The all-electric Mercedes Sprinter van will not be arriving in some countries, notably the United States – at least not anytime soon. Why is this so? Simply put, the eSprinter is not suitable for US regulations, reports the German publication Automobilwoche.

According to the publication source, the safety and other characteristics of the Mercedes eSprinter do not meet the requirements of the USA

“The components of the electric drive system do not meet the internal standards of the German concern Daimler for crash tests, which go beyond the legal requirements,” the German newspaper reports. Accordingly, converting a van for the US market would be costly, which Daimler does not yet want.

It was also noted that the range of the eSprinter, which is 168 km for the larger battery, is suitable for use in Europe, but not in the US, since there, such vehicles need to travel much more distance.

In comparison, the recently launched 2022 Ford E-Transit in a low-roof truck variant equipped with a 67 kWh battery can travel up to 203 km on a single charge.